Is your penis Long enough? 5 important techniques that can enlarge your penis

tantric massage penis enlargement the natural way

How do you feel about your penis? Have you ever considered it to be too small, unimpressive or “softy”…tantric penis massage for enlarging your penis

The art of Yoni Massage (vaginal massage) proves that even the index finger can bring women to their full climax with little effort.

If your penis is as long as your index fingers it means it is long enough for most women.

Knowing how to use it well is another matter…

The reason why so many women are sexually frustrated is not their lover’s “size” but their lack of skills and sexual knowledge.

The male penis is called in ancient Sanskrit (Indian religious language) Lingam, a sacred word that symbolized “Lord Shiva”, the Male face of god.

The lingam as a sacred “Wand of light”(Vajra) that can enchant and heal your lover

The Hindu religious as well as the tantric sexual practitioners of yore consider the male penis to have magical properties and healing powers.

The Hindu religion most common symbol for divinity is the “Shiva Lingam”.

Lord Shiva is the male divine essence. It is the pure consciousness and Voidness in the center of all existence.

Chinese doctors and Ayruvedic healers claim that the lingam is very reach with “Meridians” or energy channels (Nadis).

It has about 70,000 nerves endings and it contains the energy blue print of the men’s entire body.

Inspiring story: Penis size doesn’t matter, energy does!

Swami Vivakananda of Rishikesh (Narchis Eduard) claims that the Penis is a powerful energy channel that can emit Strong bio-magnetic energy.

He tells about a very small guy who had a very tall girlfriend.

This guy had a very small penis too and his girlfriend was very wide and deep inside.

In spite of the guy’s size he was a serious yogi with very powerful first chakra sexual vitality.(he was a Taurus sun sign, a fact that made him more vital (earth sign)).

Swami has talked with the woman about her boyfriend’s size issue. The woman said that even though he was small, his “energy” was so big  that she felt him very strong.

The Tibetan Buddhist compare the male sexual essence to lightning (Vajra )

The energy of the penis is like a lightning, it is electric, condense and quick.

Some tantric practices can develop your ability to accumulate sexual energy so you could electrify any woman with intense pleasure.

Sexual computability in the “Kama sutra”

The famous Kama Sutra mentions the subject of sexual organ sizes and sexual compatibility.

the Kama sutra also connects between the sexual organs shape and personality traits.

Basically it states that the best fitting is between small penis and a small tight vagina, medium penis and medium vagina and big penis and big vagina.

The cross over between small penis and big vagina is very disadvantageous, the cross over between big penis and small or medium vagina is much better.

Woman vagina (yoni) can starch tremendously (a baby comes out of there), the Vagina can adjust to even huge penis with some relaxation and lubrication.

How to Enlarg your penis

Tantra, sexual Tao and modern sexology came up with some natural techniques to enlarge a men’s penis.

Even if you feel your penis is just the right size, this exercise is very useful for straitening your Lingam (penis) energy level, hardness, erection and vitality.

Some of these techniques should be done by you and some can be done by your lover during lingam massage Session.

Techniques for enlarging your penis:

1 Starch it and poll it

This technique is very straight forward.

Simply hold your penis (when it is not erected) and poll it forward. It should be a confidant starch, like fast jolt.

Be careful not to over starch it, you don’t want to damage it.

The starch shouldn’t be too week or it will not have any effect.

15 starches in the morning and in the evening can help your penis to grow.

2 Pranayama (Yoga breathing) and visualization

Breath deeply and imagine an orange light flow through your mouth all the way to the penis with each in take.

Fill your lungs with air and hold the air inside.

Imagine a current of vital energy accumulating in the lungs.

Move this energy with your imagination to the area of the penis.

Visualize your penis surrounded with a vivid orange color, see your penis at the size you want it to be.

3 Drink milk (growth hormones)

Usually I don’t recommend to drink milk, milk creates mucus, it is usually taken in cruel ways and it has a lot of antibiotics and injected chemicals that are given to the cows during the “industrial milk production”.

Milk however has growth hormone that can help your body to enlarge your penis.

Drinking organic milk is always preferable over “industry” milk.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a sexual therapeutic massage that can be applied for enlarging your penis.

Lingam massage is a sacred form of ritual that can take both giver and receiver to a transcendent state of consciousness.

It can help man to control their ejaculation and experience amazing pleasure and expansion.

Basic Lingam massages technique to enlarge your penis.

The techniques I give here are part of a big body of Lingam massage knowledge.

4 Blowing on the penis and holding the penis in the mouth

The woman’s mouth is charged with strong vitality.

Blowing air on the penis and holding it in the mouth, charges your penis.

The saliva has some natural “feminine” chemicals that helps your lingam to grow.

 5 Starching the penis with both hands in “milking” movement

Women can starch your penis much better and more efficiently then you.

The woman should perform a “milking” movement using both hands.

The first hand is holding the root of the lingam and pulls it up toward the lingam head, it should be done with a squeezing motion on the penis stem.

The other hand is holding the base of the penis to replace the hand that is moving towards the penis’s head and vies versa.

In my complete tantric massage course there is complete explanation of lingam massage techniques. Lingam massage can improve your sexual performance and vitality dramatically.

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