Tantra Techniques for beginners

You may herd bout tantra and how much benefits it can bring to your love life and spiritual evolution yet you are lacking good understanding of what it is and how to actually use it…

I have to say that many tantra techniques must be learned from a competent teacher, however many practices can be explored individually and give good results.

Buddhist, Hindu and Neo tantra are reach traditions with many aspects and elements within these scope exists techniques and practices that could fit almost anyone.

The whole Idea of tantra is that everything is interconnected; it means that you can use any aspect of life to reach to understand the empty nature of reality and reach spiritual freedom.

It also means everything can be used as a path for deeper understanding.

Some tantra techniques can transform mundain and even “debase” activities into spiritual opportunity.

Some tantr techniques use fighting, pain , dreaming, eating and …sex for spiritual evolution and self-development.

The potency of tantra

The most important factor that makes Tantra so powerful is that it contains esoteric mystic knowledge.

The fundamental understanding of tantra is that beyond the physical body exist more subtle layers also called the “Pranic body”, Astral body, mental body and causal body.

All of this energy bodies are control and connected to energy centers.

This energy centers represents levels of awareness and perspectives on life.

There are 7 major centers:

Root – basic instincts and vitalitythe 7 chakras system

Sexual social center – charm, sexuality, social skills

Power center – will power, confidence, leadership

Heart center – love, humility, aspiration

Throat center – purity and intuition

Third eye – mental power, concentration

Crown – universal awareness, divine connection

Life Force

Just like the star wars “force” which is described as energy field that surround all things…tantra claims there exist subtle energy that surround every living thing.

This energy is called Prana, Ki, Chi or Oragon…depending on the culture. accumulating life force prana tantra/dao techniques

The chakras are the satellite dishes that accumulate, receive and emit this “energy” in and out of the body.

Winds and Channels

Tantra explains about the existents of subtle network of etheric pathways in the “pranic body”.

Through this network life force flows and accumulates in specific areas.

Having an accumulation of prana in a specific chakra will activate that chakra and generate specific ambitions, thoughts and karmic records.

A lot of emphasis Is made in tantra on control the life force so a practitioner could easily change his mood, mental state and spiritual perceptions.

Tantric yoga muscles control techniques for beginners

Tantra embraces the human body as something that has the potential to be transformed into a body of light.

The human body has very profound wisdom embedded in its structure and functions.

The Ring muscles have a lot of important in tantra.

They are considered to be the governors of the energy flow in the body.

The most important muscles are the sexual muscles namely penis / vaginal muscles and anus muscles.

Manipulating these muscles can affect the energy flow in the entire body.

Exercise: Study your Ring muscles

Lie down on a yoga mat or floor and start playing with your ring muscles.

Start with your eyes, mouth, sexual organs and your anus… simply squeeze these muscles and realize them.

You will notice better vitality and clarity if you play with these muscles long enough.

 Holding the anus muscles is very helpful for energy sublimation, the Pc (penis muscles) are helpful for men how want to solve premature ejaculation.

Tantra moving energy techniques for beginners

The ability to move and manipulate the life force energy is fundamental in tantra.

The ways of doing so are diverse- special body locks, mantras and breathing exercise where made to move the Pranic energy.

The easiest and most subtle way of doing so is by using the power of the mind.


Exercise for moving vital energy to your third eye for increasing concentration

Put your feet on the ground, feel the natural earth vitality.

Imagine the earth energy as thick, liquidly yellow substance.

Push this energy with your will power and let it flow from your legs to your pelvic and from your pelvic through your spine toward your top your head and then to your middle forehead.


 Tantra emotional release Technique for beginners

Traditional Tantra is not a therapy; it is a steep spiritual path that try to transcend personality identification…etc

However modern tantra had become a very reach ground for emotional therapeutic work.

What Osho called Neo Tantra had taken its place as one of the most popular alternative therapeutic system.

Modern mind is averagely more complex and confusing then the mind of past generations.

This make emotional therapy vital for many who’s neurosis and complexes doesn’t allows serious spiritual progress.

Simple Neo tantra emotional therapy.(used by tantra teacher Baba dez)

Think about an emotional problem that doesn’t allows you to be fully open and present.

Feel it in your body.

Now put both your hands on your mouth and push air out like when you are shouting.

Make a silent “shout” and allow the entire emotional burden to be released.

When you feel yourself “lighter” hug yourself and simply say to yourself…”I love You”.


Tantra meditation techniques for beginner’s

Tantra offers many meditation, Vijnana Bhirava tantra , a Classical tantric text offers 112 meditation techniques.

The most important tantric meditation for love making is transfiguration meditation.

The Idea in transfiguration is to see the divine potential in a meditation object.

In sexual tantra the lovers transfigure each other to deities.

They see each other as a perfect manifestation of the primordial forces of Shiva and Shakti (femininity and masculinity).

These primordial forces are seen as aspects of the enlightened mind. It is sometimes expressed as the union of compassion and wisdom, Bliss and consciousness, manifestation and voidness.

Basic transfiguration technique

Sit or stand face to face with your lover

Look at your lovers eyes.

If you are a man see the in your lover eyes the core of femininity, the ultimate potential for bliss and expansion.

If you are a woman see in your lover eyes the core of masculinity, the ultimate potential for awareness and clarity.

Look at each other for 2-5 minutes then close your eyes, meditate on your experience.

Open your eyes and honor your lover by bowing to his divine potential.


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