Tantra Techniques

Tantra is one of the richest spiritual teachings on earth.

tantra techniques - holy couple in Yub Yom position

holy couple in Yub Yom position

The Origen of Tantra is connected to 84 great Yogis (mahasiddhas) who lived in ancient India and reached full enlightment in one life time.

Both Buddhist and Hindu have similar stories about these great masters’ lives and their heritage.

The Hindu Scholars have considered history to have cycles similar to seasons.(Golden ,silver, bronze and iron ages)

For each season specific teachings were given.

The Vedas were designed for very Nobel and spiritual era(spring, Golden age) while the Tantras were designed for very spiritualy degenerate  time (winter, Iron age) which is actually our present modern time

Why Tantra is need today

The Tantras where considered the most powerful spiritual teachings.

These teaching are needed today because no other teachings are considered strong enough to help a generation as debase and materialistic as ours.

Even though Tantra is still considered secret, many forms of water down Tantric teaching where filtered through their traditional safe house in to our western civilization,

Hatha Yoga (all forms of body posture yoga) is driven from the esoteric “Nath Baba” tantric cult.

Many sacred sexuality practices from tantra where gradually revealed to the west through books and a teachers who were willing to expand the circles of tantric knowledge.

Still many tantra techniques are kept secrets to all but the most worthy adapts who learn them from their Guru or Lama.

It has to be that way because unlike other systems tantra deals with powerfully energies that can be easily abused.

The “open” tantras even though far less powerfully than the “secret” tantra can be very helpful for spiritual evolution.

Tantra techniques for beginners

True Tantric practices usually demands some preparations and prerequisites.

This is double as true regarding sexual practices.

The danger is that some less evolve participants that haven’t yet develop renunciation and wisdom will get attach to the pleasure (Red Tantra) or to the influence and magic (Black Tantra) and will not be able to transformed the wild and treacherous energies of desire into bliss and wisdom.

However one of my teacher, Swami Vivekananda (Narchis Eduard) and many other teachers teach the basic techniques for those willing to participate in their workshops.

The Basics of traditional Sexual “open” Tantra

Sexual open tantra has few main principles naming: preserving the sexual energy (Bramacharya) and sublimation.

Some teachers also add the element of transfiguration and honoring rituals.

They’re very beautiful techniques that are used to develop sexual orgasm control and ability to transfigure.

The basic vision of tantric sexuality is that by reaching physical union of man and women the energy channels of the participants become “one” complete system.

This perfect “balance” femininity and masculinity allow great expansion and the activation of Kundalini which leads to super conscious awareness.

Tantra and orgasms

The orgasm itself is very sacred human phenomena as it brings the experiencer to direct experience of bliss and expansion.

Through proper transfiguration both male and female can perceive themselves as archetypical spiritual forces of wisdom and Love.tantra and orgasm

The full tantric potential can be manifested only if both participants have purified subtle energy channels (Nadis, Meridyans) and control over their orgasmic energy.

Tantric men avoid explosive emasculative orgasms and aim for “internal” orgasms.

Internal orgasm doesn’t deplete the male life force and level of arousal, it can also prolong the orgasmic bliss and the amount of orgasms that can be experience during intercourse.

Sexual Tantra techniques for beginners

1 The most basic technique for sexual control is simply getting near the “point of no return” from sexology without “over flowing”.

Doing so enough time will allow the brain to rewire so it will learn a “new” type of orgasm.

2 Another trick is simply squeeze the peeing muscles when you are about to “explode”, strong peeing muscles (PC muscles) will prevent emasculative orgasms.

the last basic Tantra technique is simply pushing the sexual pleasure through the back (Sushumana Nadi) .

You need to feel the pleasurable sensation at your penis as it was “energy” that can be moved.

Then you simply need to imagine the vibrating pleasure move through your spine.

When you practice this enough you will notice a measurable drop in your sexual excitement every time you move energy.

This will help you not overflowing, whenever you get near the point of no return you can simply “move “the energy.

Moving the energy to major chakras will also influence your mind states.

Beginners are encourage to push the energy to the height of their forehead (from behind) .

This will activate their mental control (Ajna chakra) which is very needed in beginners practice.

Tantrics techniques for transfiguration

Transfiguration is special form of meditation for seen your meditation object true potential.

You can transfigure your leaving space in to a magical temple, your lover into a shiny goddess and yourself in to the universal source of awareness and bliss.

Transfiguration is not a “make believe” or “day dreaming” exercise.

Tantra masters suggest that we are in our essence unlimited beings of light.

Our mind and ego create whole system of limiting beliefs and perceptions that limit our potential dramatically.

Transfiguration allows us to break our limiting beliefs chains and expand into our full potential,

Basic transfiguration technique

Sit face to face with another person, look directly to her eyes and ask your mind to show you that person full potential self.tantra techniques  transfiguration eye gazing

Look deeply and hold the gaze for as much time as needed to have a notable change in your perception.

“the eyes are the windows of the soul”…try to see the authentic self, the inner divine spark, the God/Goddess within.

Close your eyes and meditate on your new insight.

Tantric Massage techniques

Tantric massage is a form of spiritual practice that comes as preparation for Tantric union.

It can also be a standalone ritual for honoring the divine forces of masculinity and femininity (Siva and Shakti)tantric massage techniques

Tantric massage has specific techniques for opening the central channel (sushumna nadi) activating the sexual energy and opening the energy centers.(chakras).

Tantric massage techniques has specialized categories for the male and female sexual organs.

The male penis massage techniques and rituals is called Lingam massage while the Vagina massage techniques and rituals is called Yoni massage.

Other common tantra techniques

Energy Circles

In tantric union the lover’s bodies create very complex and powerful vital energy flow (Prana).

This energy circles between lovers generate a sense of harmony and balance.tantra techniques - energy circle

The most basic energy cycle technique is simply to sit face to face and put the right palm facing downward toward your partner left palm (facing upwards).

Your left palm is upward facing your partner downwards right palm.

You can imagine an energy flow from your left palm toward the arm chest right arm and the to your partner left palm.

This circle will increase your vitality (close energy circuit) and create a sense of love connection with your partner; it will activate your heart chakra and generate sense of universal love.

Breathing techniques

Breath has a lot of significant in yoga and tantra.

Breathing is life… “the more you breath the more you experience life, when breath half you live half” .(Michal Barzel- rebearthing master)tantra techniques -sync breathing

Through breath control (pranayama) Yogis can achieve powerful control over their subtle channels and physical body.

In tantra breathing is used to synchronize and connect the lover’s energies and mind.

Great technique for “chemistry” is to sit in Yab-Yom (Shiva Shakti) position and breathe together. Simply feel your partner breathing and copy his breathing speed and depth.

You can start slowly and increase the rhythm till you reach rapid and intense and synchronized breathing.

Then simply relax, hold your breath and feel the special bliss and heart connection that was formed by this practice.

Tantra techniques Youtube

Energy Circle for charging the heart connection and vitality and healing


Synchronized breathing in Shiva-Shakti pose



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