Tantric Astrology – The Sun and Moon in Your Body

 Tantra is a spiritual path that assume that our body and the universe are like matching existences.(micro cosmos and macro cosmos).

It is similar to the Jewish Kabala model of” Tzelem”:”God made man in its own image”.

Whatever we found outside we can find inside, whatever we find inside we can also find outside.

The tantric yogis claimed we have as inner moon and inner sun.

Ha-tha Yoga Tantric Yoga of merging the inner sun and inner moon energy

The word  “Ha-tha Yoga” means  the “sun-moon” yoga.

Hatha yoga is the yoga that use physical body postures. Hatha yoga has its roots in the Nath sect. Nath is one of the ancient traditions of tantra, this sect most famus linage holders were Matzenda Nath and Goraksha Nath, the fathers of hatha and Kundalini yogas.

Some chakras are connected to the planets. Manipura chakra(third) is connected to the sun, swadistana (second) and Ajna (sixth)are connected to the moon.

But the tantric yogis claimed that our own body function and biorhythm are ruled by the energies of the sun and moon.

The moon rule our left side of the body, the Sun rule the right side of the body.

The Winds and channels – our body as energy matrix

The moon energy move through energy Maridian called Pingala Nadi while the sun is energy move through an energy meridian called Ida Nadi.

Once every few hours our body get dominated by either Ida or Pingala.

Svara Yoga – Understanding the logic of changes

When the moon energy is dominated we are more receptive, introvert and mental, when the sun energy is dominated we are more active, outgoing and physical.

Studying for exam is better done when the “moon” energy is dominated.

Playing tennis is belter done when the “sun” energy is dominated.

You can check which energy is more dominant by observing your breathing through the nostrils.

If the left nostril is wider you are now in your “moon” phase.

If the right nostril is wider you are now in your “sun” phase.

There is an interesting esoteric form of yoga called “Svara yoga” .

This yoga teaches how to shift the dominance of the sun and moon according to the activities we do.

This way we can consciously become Lunar when we need to listen to someone, learn or use our intuition and we can turn solar when we need to lead, preform physical work or drive.

There is according to Hatha yoga another important energy channel, this channel is called Sushumna Nadi. When the inner sun and moon energies are perfectly balanced the energy flows through this middle channel.

When that happen you feel perfectly balanced, calm and relax.

This is the favorable condition for meditation. If you maintain the energy in Sushumna enough time it will leads to the activation of special energy called kundalini.

When this energy is awaken it’s start flowing from the tail bone toward the top of the head.

If Kundalini is reaching the head you experience supreme state of consciousness.

Yogis of all traditions (tantric and advita) are aiming to rise kundalini to the top of the head.

The do it by spicail breathing practicis (pranayama) that balance the energies, by yoga postures (asanas) and by meditation and concentration.

The Sun and moon in sexuality

In Tantra sex it is possible to balance the Sun and moon together.

When a couple are in sexual union their subtle energy channel connects and they create one bigger micro cosmos.(bigger than any one of them alone)

If one of them has strong sun energy dominance and the other has strong moon dominance they can both rich together a balance that will activate their central channel and bring both of them to spiritual liberation.

Usually men have easier time activating their solar channel while women have easier time activating their lunar channels.

The outer sun enfluence

The sun energy is predominat during the day, while the moon energy is predominant during the night.

The sun energy is stronger in summer then in winter.

This outer cosmos influences are effecting us clearly.

We usually tend to be more mental and passive during the night and in winter.

We tend to be active and outgoing during the day and in the summer.

The outer moon enfluence

When the moon is full we are most receptive, imaginative and lunar.

Extreme lunarity give huge power to our sub conscious inner reality.

The full moon is when most people become “lunatics”, strange and weird.

This is when people tend to do crazy thing they don’t do usually. It is when you are most influential, some dictators who possesd astrological knowldge including the Natzis used to preform public gathering when it was full moon.

Most tantra lovers don’t do sex when it is full moon. The belive the energies at this time are too wild and out of control.

The best times for love making are when there is absent moon (no moon). This is the most solar time.

Making love at the night of the absent moon is very favorable since the masculine no moon balance with the feminine night. It is called in Sanskrit “Shiva ratree” the night of Shiva.

Another good time for love making is 3 days before the moon is full.

This time is when the feminine energies of the moon become strong but there are not out of control.

This night is considered to have the most beautiful expression of the feminine energies. It is sometimes called the “Sundri” (the beautiful night).

Tantric massage the sun and moon

Tantric massage has some special techniques to balance your lover Lunar and Solar energies.

If both man and women enter lovemaking with balance or complementary energies it can lead to sublimed experiences.

Tantric massage is basically made to prepare our energy system for the sexual union.

Tantric massage exercise 1:

Preform the tree pose: rise your hands up and keep them up for 1 minute.

Relax the palms and contract the anus while imagine a stream of light coming from the palms through the arms toward the body.

Take your hands down without them touching each other.

This exercise is a tantric yoga technique to charge your energy with bio-magnetic energy (prana).

You have accumulated lunar energy in your left palm and solar energy in your right palm.

Now feel yourself and ask yourself where my body would needs the energy from my palms.

Place them there. How would it feel?

Tantric massage Exercise 2

Preform the tree pose again.

Now scan your partner with your eyes and just ask yourself where my partner needs my energy?

The place you put your right palm on is where your partner lack masculine, sun energy.

The place you put your left palm on is where your partner lack feminine, moon energy.


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